Wednesday, September 02, 2015

wordless wednesday #22 2015

so long old office! 
packing in progress at the old office
stress nampak ni kotak-kotak! (at new office)
file cabinet re-assemble
barang-barang masi berampaian sana sini
setting up the computer by the IT staffs
finally! wefie after all settled down
we had small lunch at our new office on  28/08/15. yummy! pot luck style :)
actually belum habis susun lagi tu fail-fail yang kana kasi sumbat saja dalam store room. yang penting all furnitures and cabinet have to susun cantik-cantik and then baru la paling last kasi susun itu fail-fail yang berlambak. it was such a tiring days for all of us in this proses perpindahan. gila eh! penat yang nda terkata-kata.... hope everything will be good in this 'new office' of ours!!

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  1. honestly,moving out ofc / hse is the worst thing to do. Much more worst when it's involve two different countries. I felt like coming back to zero when I decided to move last year because I can't bring all of my stuffs...grrrrr....