Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Edek

uhuu..i miss my baby's so sunyi at home...wish he'll be back the meantime, i'm counting the days til the good news showed up..not that good news la...still in planning stage..for now, i can say only 10% of the wedding preparation that i've done..fuh!! punya la banyak lg yg mau dibuat ni.....

this week i've training at 1B office..hmmm..i still can't get it..maybe because i'm not really into it...coz i'm waiting for my new good news...i can kiss goodbye from what i've been doing now...but for sure, the other one not gonna be a bed of roses things..

getting back to baby Edek, i will post more pics of him later on..i miss u my Edek...aunty A'Ann missed you so much!! come back Jintung!!! ^_^

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