Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Date Has Been Set

Yess! Yesterday we went interview session with the priest and the wedding date has been confirmed. We will be married at Stella Maris Church, Tg. Aru on the 30th April 2011 at 10am. Gosh!! I can't believe I'm getting married ^_^. I'm really excited to do the wedding  preparation and at the same nervous la pula :-) We have been interviewed by Fr. Tony. The original date we want is on the 7th May but father is not available at that time. Hence, we choose the earlier date. Since 1st May is Public Holiday falls on Sunday, so Monday also public holiday lor... Punya best!! Hehe....

After that, I've contacted my relative (Ms Jane) in JPN to help me to take the JPN Form so that I no need to go there to take the form and then go there again just to submit the form. Bijak jg sa ni :-) Lagipun I only applied for half day leave.. Late evening, Jane sent the form to my house ~ thank you! Still need to prepare the required doc such as photocpy I/C, birth certificate and also passport size photo... Hmm.. We will send the form to JPN this Sunday. According to Jane, the JPN counter open on weekend but half day only from 9am till 2pm :-)

I have asked my best friend to be my witness during the signing ceremony at JPN and she agreed to the max ^_^ ..hehe.. She was so happy to hear that I've confirmed my wedding date (I know there so many people out there tia sabar mo tingu sa kawin) Hahaha!! Perasan betul sa ni......

You say, what happened to my 30 days blog challenge? Hmm...lemme think about it.. I will post when the blog is ready :-) (suda draft tp belum abis lg tu cerita.. hehe)

Ba, til next post, will post the wedding preparation that have been done and will be done! Gosh....!!!

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