Sunday, January 02, 2011

Welcoming 2011

Happy New Year!!
Celebrating the new year with my family at home sweet home. It's been cloudy all day but thank God there's no heavy rain. The karaoke thingy went up until 4am in the morning. Fuh!! Nasib the neighbours very sporting, but me terpaksa tidur-tidur ayam. Huh!! 

Resolution for year 2011?? I haven't list out mine....but I will think about it..

On what I have done before the new year......

  • I have coloured my hair on the 27th Dec (this was my 2nd time colouring my hair :p) Yay! Will post the pic of my new hair later (if i remember la)
  • Done the stock take for the company on the 29th Dec (so tired!)
  • Have ample time to celebrate the coming of new year. 31st Dec was declared public holiday since M'sia won the AFF Suzuki Cup with a 4-2 aggregate! Congratulations & Many Thanks!

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