Saturday, September 03, 2011

sunbathed = sunburnt at malangang river

after the rafting session we all proceed to the other picnic area near the kem malangang kiulu, pusat kokurikulum sabah. there we had our makan-makan session also. but as soon as we reached the place, we directly go sunbathed at the cold water (very cold...grrrrrr). as a result, we all had sunburnt. i forgot to applied the sunblock lotion before going rafting. so, u guys better apply the sunblock lotion before if you're gonna do rafting in the future. ba, if you have times bring your friends or families to go picnic here. but there's not much facilities offered here (nda terjaga ba ni tempat). kesian ni..huhu..

yeah, sunbathing time :)
naughty boy he is

the only shelter that have table
trying to aim the rocky rock
father and son moment
enjoying ourself 
anz ~ betul-betul sunbathing
aunt and nephew moment :)
hope you enjoy the mandi sungai pictures here although not really mandi sungai la. some more the water looks like 'teh tarik' one. hehe....yeah, i've my 'teh tarik' during the rafting time (when i fell to the river) but no much la :)

enjoy your weekends peeps!


  1. wuhuuu... punya bestttt.... sejuk saja badan saya tingu ni photos....

  2. cath : mimang best :) tp sejuk gila air sungai dia ni..hehe...