Friday, September 02, 2011

white water rafting in kiulu

whoah!!! i had a great time doing the white water rafting at kiulu on the 1st day of raya ^___^ punya main siok!!! . but the downside is all my muscle ache. all the 'forward' & 'backward' paddled and the 'defeated' time makes me feel very exhausted. thank god it was raining the previous day before the rafting day. i heard that the rafting activities were closed because of the low level of the river due to kemarau season. back to the 'defeated' story, actually i lost count on how many times i fell into the river during the boat capsized. maybe 6 out of 10 capsized boat T______T i actually volunteered to join the 'adventure group' since i want to feel the pumping adrenalin moments during the 7km rafting at kiulu river (cari pasal ba sa ni). i don't regret it but it really hurt when i fell on the rocky river. although i've done the body rafting skill but still my a** bumped on the rocky surface. oouchhh!!! ba, enjoy the pics that been taken by my darling (he didn't join us rafting that day). i haven't got the pictures during the rafting time since the pics not yet been delivered to us by the operator (riverbug~the best..hehehe)

the hubby and nephew trying to do the titanic pose
kiulu river
1st group ~ with child
2nd group - adventurous team
3rd group ~ ladies with a male leader and the guide 
kiulu river graded as class I - II is safe enough for families with children and also the elderly. you can enjoy the breathtaking views of along the river and at the same time enjoy doing the rafting activities. so, apa tunggu lagi bring your whole families to enjoy  the white water rafting ^___^

group picture
with my lil nephew, his 3rd time water rafting :)
remember to use good sandal during the rafting.
if not end up with missing sandal..'pukas' terus...hehe
i'm glad that i have done both famous white water rafting in sabah ~ padas & kiulu river. to compare the two places, i really admire the padas river adventure white water rafting. but to think that if the boat were to be capsized at the padas river, i have to think twice ooo.. hehe, but nonetheless for adventurous junkie, i think that's not a problem...konon la...but i wanna feel the adrenalin rush again doing white water rafting at sg. padas :)  

after rafting we had lunch at one of the cafe at pekan kiulu. delicious food ^___^. kalau suda kelaparan memang semua makanan rasa, stay tune for the next story > sunbathing at malangang river.

p/s: my darling went to deep sea fishing again. room alone for 2 nites..huhu..... 


  1. interesting! rafting sia belum pernah buat oh..have to try this at least once.

  2. eiii.. kiut owh tu hubby and nephew bt titanic post bawah pokok!! ha ha....
    mcm siuk.. next time saya mo pigi!!! he he

  3. chegu : ba, pigi no kama. siok ni.. sampai ada kwn sa ckp 'lg best dari naik gunung' ^__^

    lilies : apa tunggu lagi mandak, bawa the whole family pigi rafting.... bawa kawan2 pun best juga....enjoy :)