Friday, October 11, 2013

tragedi oktober

pagi ini hujan lagi.....

memang betul2 la ada tragedi october. 10.10.13 somemore. 

nahas kapal terbang maswing di kudat telah mengorbankan dua jiwa. young & old.

thanks to FB, the crashed info was widely spread dengan cepatnya. i don't really read the info coz that's just me. malas mo 'digest' berita2 dlm FB. but at least i know what happened la kan.

life's short.

and when God want to take u, He will take you whenever He want. 

it's all depend whether we have prepared ourselves to 'see' Him or not (kasi bunga2 dulu ni bahasa). i'm not that religious but i do have faith in Him. 

so, let us pray for the soul of the crash victim (and the rest of the soul that has left us). may their soul rest in peace.

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  1. I first heard the crashed info while I was in a clinic. The doc tiba2 kuar from her room and asked us, kmu ada dgr ka ada aeroplane crashed di taman orkid. Then there was a man replied no one died dia blg..deh.. I was so shocked. Rupanya ada yg mninggal.. huhu.. I think our airport in kudat ni perlu di upgrade sda ba ni.. sian btl ni