Saturday, February 15, 2014

happy birthday darling!

we had a short trip to kundasang on the 8th to 9th feb 2014. kinda weekend getaway for us. rindu ba sama gunung! lagipun the main purpose we went there was to celebrate my dear darling birthday. just the three of us. we stayed at dantai lodge, kundasang which were owned by my friend. i will blog about the place in my next entry. bila tu? tunggu tahap kerajinan sa la kio ^____^ it was a perfect place to stay, jauh dari bunyi-bunyian kereta limpas2 unlike our previous visit. ok, back to the topic..... lets enjoy the pictures taken during my darling hubby birthday which falls on the 8th feb ;)

kundasang at 6.45pm. berkabus but not that really cold. still bearable and my jaden refused to wear socks @___@

jalan-jalan cari makan di kundasang baini ;) ada kfc di kundasang tp malas la mo p singgah sana. hehe.

we had our dinner at nabalu lodge cafe. the food there were quite pricey but there's a lot menu to select from. we had ayam penyet, tom yam and bubur ayam. and my rating goes like : 6/10. ayam penyet dia nda la spesel sangat tp bule la bikin kasi hilang lapar. itu tom yam punya udang, not fresh - tahap tia bule telan suda udang dia. klu suda tau nda fresh jgn la ba kasi customer makan. can change to another food ba klu mau..kasi byk tu tomato ka..hihi...sanggup lg sa makan tomato fresh drpd udang yg tia fresh. however, the bubur looks simple kan tapi it tasted so yummy. this birthday dinner costs me around rm40++ sekali-sekala ba belanja laki ^___^

but but but........

their range of cakes makes me drooling...hehe.. yes, they do have a bakery there & i'm really tempted to buy the pink velvet slice cake for my darling. tapi a slice of pink velvet costed at rm11.80. terus sa nda jadi bili. hehehe. this cake costs me rm7.80 and oh was so delicious chocolate cake. the taste just nice, not so sweet and the cream was heavenly yummylicious. 

nah, muka budak tia sabar mo 'ngap' tu kek. nasib dia dapat tunggu dengan penuh kesabaran. haha.

the birthday boy! and oh my look at my lil prince, so eager to eat the cakes. 

happy birthday once again darling. love you so much. muahh.....!!!


  1. awwww.. happy birthday sama daling ko.. oooo i dint try the time p sana i must try ni..hihi