Thursday, July 30, 2015

my lil' minions

Jaden & Thia
Mereka sangat cepat membesar especially my little sumandak, Thia. She will turn two in no time. Nda rasa itu masa berjalan sangat pantas. Jaden, on the other hand can be one cranky little boy. But not always la, ikut mood dia. And his current achievement is diapers free at night!  Tapi kadang 'terbanjir' juga tilam dia..tiapa la yang penting he's trained untuk nda pakai pampers waktu malam. Yes! One of the monthly expenses can be cut down.. DIAPERS for Jaden.. haha! 
But dia sangat kuat minum susu. Saya kira-kira, dia bule habis 5 packs of 900gm Dugro (includes at his nanny house) in a month. 
  And oh, he's very into gadget nowadays. He cannot tahan kalau teda pigang handphone or tablet -___- Tapi itu yang boleh bikin dia diam-diam dan behaved. hihi. But we still have to monitor him with the gadgets la, takut nanti itu mata dia pandai kabur. It happened to my nephew oh....

Oh my little minions!!!!
Mummy loves you both so much ^.^

And to my friends out there,
^^ hehehehe ^^

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