Saturday, October 24, 2015

tragedi 1 oktober

factory on fire!

where? just next to our office yang mana about 10feet parit saja yang memisahkan antara kawasan kilang tersebut with our parking lot (and also our building). apa yang lagi bikin teruk, it was kilang tilam 'Royal Matress'. fire mixed with mattresses is not a good combination. 
gambar ni saya terima thru watsapp. asap sangat tebal! our security guard told us that the fire began at about 4am that day. i think they're the one that called the bomba.
and these pics were taken by yours truly. bila saya sampai di ofis at about 8am the asap masih tebal and no signing that it will subsided. and then the good news arrived, our boss (acc dept only) informed us to leave the office as the smoke from the fire is getting worse and smelly (not good to our health!). wah.....dengan senang hatinya kami semua berkeluaran....hihi..however, the other departments still had to work that day. terima kasih la boss kerana prihatin with our health. 

so, we had a day off that day - for free ^_______^

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