Monday, November 23, 2015

o christmas tree! o christmas tree!

today is the 23rd day in the final two months of year 2015. wah....sungguh pantas masa berlalu....and in 32 days more we will celebrating Christmas!! and that's mean I will be utilising my annual leave to the max! great is that...I'm planning to take leave from 24th Dec'15 til 3rd of Jan'16 ^___^ double the happiness, the hubby already got his annual leave approved same as mine... I will submit my leave application next month..gerenti dapat punya coz every year it's my time to holiday.. ooh lalala, 11days of happiness!

can't wait for the long holidays..

on the other side, 
this is our office 2015 Christmas tree!
decorated on last week..hihi... teruja bah!
p/s: we have new colleagues, not new but transferred from the other group.
last week we had to bid farewell to one of our colleague and again
a potluck farewell was organized by us colleague 
but this time only meant for our resort group..

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