Sunday, October 23, 2011

speechless + happy = awesome!

hi, happy sunday to you all!! 

i wanna share the good news as well as the beginning of my new life! **aiseymen...hehe**






it's POSITIVE! 2 line bebeh....!!

18 october 2011 @ 7.30am
i can't describe how's my feeling when i've done the pregnancy test on last tuesday (18 oct) early morning. i was late for 5 days and i can't wait until the 7 days to do the test :) and the result was unexpected one. last  month i waited for my period to come and it did come. i had my period regurlarly. but this month i just feel that i had to do the test before the 7th day.. hehe..teda kesabaran suda. and oh less than 2 minutes i got the result and i am speechless + happy + berdebar-debar when i see the two lines on the tester. i quickly went upstair to my bedroom (coz my darling still asleep) and showed the tester to him. and he just smile ear to ear and said all our 'hardwork' had been paid. okay, i just add that ah...he no say like that..haha! we are so happy that morning!! i can't help myself from smiling all day long..

however, first thing in my mind, i have to text my bff (ellie) to inform her about my positiveness. my sms were llike this "2 lines :)) i'm so happy" and she knew it right away! oo i can't wait to get the tips from the bestie and as well read other mommies blogger to read about their pregnancy experiences..hehe... hati sa sangat berbunga-bunga pada hari itu. can't wait what 's next for me...

i went to the private clinic first to get confirmation on my pregnancy on 20 oct (thursday) and it tested positive. according to the doctor, i'm at my 5 weeks pregnancy based on the last day of my period. sweet :) i decided to go to government clinic on next monday (24/10/11) for my first review. since this is my first baby, my bff advised me to go to government clinic for monthly review. beside that, i can opt to go for private clinic to scan my baby's condition. can't wait to see our little one..

earlier, there's not much symptoms that showed i was pregnant. semuanya macam biasa saja sa rasa. sa mimang kuat makan dan berat badan mimang la makin naik. haha! early september i had a whole body traditional massage at centre point with my friend (ruzi). actually, it was a birthday treat for her. and i'm joining her to release tension (dan juga buang angin yg sangat banyak di dalam badan..hehe). and then got makan2 session with friends & family, different days. hmm....i need to control my eating suda oo..(padahal semalam suda berabis makan time dinner di magellan ~ will blog about it later) huhu..anyhow, i hope everything will be alright for my little one ^.^

according to below website;
Fetal development - 5 weeks 
You won't look pregnant at this point but already your baby’s tiny heart has begun to beat and pump blood. The heart is dividing into chambers and will find a more regular rhythm soon. Your baby is about a quarter of a centimetre long and looks more like a tadpole than a human being. He'll have a growth spurt this week - the first of many! 
Inside pregnancy video: a 3D animated look at a baby in this week of pregnancy. Take a look!
He's busily growing all his major organs, including the kidneys and liver. His intestines are developing and the appendix is in place. The neural tube, which connects his brain and spinal cord, will close this week. 
All these internal developments are matched by changes on the outside, too. The buds that will grow into your baby’s arms and legs begin to sprout. And below the opening that will later form your baby's mouth, small folds exist where the neck and the lower jaw eventually develop.

a little something from two of my partner-in-crime a.k.a the bestie (bb & kay) on my first pregnancy! we had dinner at 'pekan lama', citymall last friday. it's one of our favorite 'port' to lepaks :) we had a great meet up session (always great session bah!) and itu part 'laughing like no one care' misti ada punya..hihi!

thank you so much girls!! **hugs hugs**
ok lah, that's all for now..i haven't officially told most of my friends & family about this good news. but sooner or later, dorang tau juga baitu kan.....hehe....

p/s: suda mula mencari nama for sweet little one :)


  1. what a lovely news! congrats moi! nah, ada lagi blogger mummy-to-be ni....

  2. yay! congrats! tumpang happy jg ni..:)

  3. That's such an awesome news! Congrats congrats! Bah, take extra care of yourself from now on ah..Nda buli suda pakai high heel 6 inci hehehe :P

  4. chegu, isabel & rose : thank you so much for the wishes :)

    lizee : nasib sa nda suka pakai heels.. hehe.. anyway, thanks moi :) will take good care of myself suda ni...

  5. Yeyyyy... Congrats n take care k... :)

  6. Hi Jo,

    Wah congrats on ur pregnancy! Take care ya!

  7. Telambat btl sia tingu ni....haha...Jaden sdh 4 months baru tingu.....(itupun kana suruh tingu...haha) i thought ko retire sdh ba blogging. Hehehe....