Sunday, October 02, 2011

wake me up when september end

eh, october suda pula kan.....? how times flies so fast.

a little bit updates on my life here:-

  • life's life? i'm still waiting for the good news *finger cross very very hard*
  • i'm feeling lazy to update my blog (so many things to share. it's just that i don't have the mood to write. but i do miss to blog)
  • work life? still gettin' jiggin' with it and the pressure is on (yay, nda lama lagi audit time suda ba....hate it!)
  • love life? i still deeply madly in love with my hubby (macam lain la pula...hehehe)

today my brother and his wife went to philippines. i pray that they have a safe journey. they went to baguio in a group. harap2 dorang selamat sampai ke destinasi. they supposed to travel yesterday but their flight had been cancelled last minute. bikin takut ni cuaca sekarang :( 

i'm feeling sleepy already (i hope i can restore back my blogging mood...hihi). night night!!


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