Tuesday, October 04, 2011

what an unfortunate day


my hubby lost his wallet. huh! what a day....

today, i took MC since i had stomach ache (too much eating steamboat at kg.nelayan last nite) hmm....so, we went to see the doctor and soon after we take our breakfast at one of the kedai kopi at kolombong. so, normally my hubby will hand me his wallet to me to pay for the food. i remembered the owner gave me the change and i've put the money back to the wallet. after that, i've checked on my hubby car license and i put the wallet on the table. 


so, when we get home and hubby asked me for his wallet, then we realised his wallet is missing. *panic+anger* attacked at this moment. so, we drove back to the kedai kopi but no one claimed saw a wallet (ya la, suda dpt duit mana mau bagitau lagi kan.....). luckily, we had paid our car loan before we went for the breakfast..if not, *matai kudasai* gigit jari la maknanya...


my hubby went to do the police report and the staff there directed him to do the car license as soon as possible. he did went to jpj bundusan but the staff there advised him to do the i/c first before applying for new license @#$%88&&& (bikin sayang minyak kereta saja). so, my hubby have to go to jpn inanam to get his temporary i/c and the go back again to jpj bundusan. you can't do any replacement of cards without your temporary i/c slip :-p

ok the damage done for today:-

  • police report - RM2.00
  • jpn (new i/c-application) - RM10.00
  • jpn (compound - 1st time lost) - RM100.00
  • jpj (fee for lost license) - RM20.00
  • jpj (1 year car license) - RM30.00 (since my hubby car license end on 24/2/2012, so they give the new card license date from 4/10/11 to 25/2/2013. 
so, the total damage = RM162.00 

he need to apply for new card for his other lost cards as well which another damage will be done **sigh**

i hope you all please take good care of your personal belonging. paling penting la tu i/c bah!!



  1. ya, itu ic harus dijaga baik2. sudah juga buat ic baru. kira ok la tu.