Thursday, May 21, 2015

a month ago

wah... punya lama i don't updates my blog... too busy with current work loads..

ok la, let me share my experience on my operation a month ago. actually it's just a minor surgery but still have a risk though.

well, i was instructed to admit at Hospital Likas on 19th april 2015. and the doctor that follows up with me has been calling me to remind me to be at the hospital on that sunday (before the operation). tanya what time i will be going to the hospital. macam la saya mau melarikan diri nda mau admit at the hospital. teehee. on that day itself pun he called about 9am to ask my whereabout. pfffttt. saya datang juga ba pigi hospital. bukan jauh pun. 15mnt boleh sampai (if not jammed la) and it was sunday memang la nda jammed ba.

ok drama sekejap. hahaha.

we left for my mum after getting the kids ready (eat & bath, packing clothes for my lil' girl, etc). actually we want to bring Jaden along but scared that he will not be permitted to go inside the ward since the ward deals with cancer patient kan. huhu. tambah saya sedih. so, we dropped them at my mum's before we went to the hospital. my little Thia cried. sedih lagi.
we arrived at about 10am in the hospital and was directed to go into bilik 17 bed no19. after that kena soal siasat by doctor and then kena masuk benda ni lagi (see below pic). ouchh! punya panjang itu jarum dia about 4cm. and then the doctor pakar came in and told me my time of operation on 20th april. i'm her third case and will be operated around three to four o'clock in the evening (sigh!). terpaksa la bermalam lagi di hospital. i was hoping that the operation will be in the morning so that i can go home in the evening. huhu.

during that day, i've noticed that the visiting hours is not that strict like those in the wad bersalin. visitors come and go but not many visitors came to the ward. my hubby went back home at about about 1pm and my lunch for that day was super yummy - nasi ayam kantin hospital likas..ngeh ngeh ngeh. betul ni. nanti kalau kamu ada masa pigi la try (if you happened to go to hospital likas la). it was raining cats and dogs in the afternoon. and i get really emotional coz i really missed my babies especially my Thia. since i'm still breastfeeding my breast got engorged (for the three days i'm at the hospital..fuhh!). ini lagi sakit berbanding kena cucuk jarum. huhu. in the evening my hubby together with Jaden brought dinner to visit me. nasib juga Jaden nda kena tahan from visiting me in the ward. terlepas la juga sedikit kerinduan saya to my anak. i'm so worried that Thia can't sleep at night since she will be "breastfeed-less" for almost three days.  

i was told to totally puasa at about 12midnight. no water and food to be taken. they got me dripped with liquid (idk what's the name of it.haha). nasib la nda rasa lapar sangat with the dripped on. 
before the operation and sempat selfie for my friends :)
then during the operation day, my hubby came during lunch hour and brought me some food for me to eat after the operation.  i was bored to wait for my turn to be operated. my peneman setia are my handphone and a book. but pandai boring juga layan handphone jak. 

oh, i will undergo an operation for cervical conization & hysteroscopy. you can read about cone biopsy (conization) on how it was done & its risks.

at about 330pm the nurses take me into the operation room. it was so cold and the nurse kindly put warm air into my selimut and i felt warm. i have to wait another 10-15 mins before transferred into the operation theater. and then the operation began after they gave me ubat tidur (pengsan terus!). i woke up almost 445pm and i was told to eat by 8pm only. then the nurses sent me back to my bed. i just felt a bit 'ngilu' in the lower part of my perut. but after that i just felt ordinary. no vomitting and no headache. must be the doctor give a strong medicine then. hihi. but i just resting on my bed sambil tunggu my hubby datang to visit me. when the doctors do their round checking at about 6pm, i was told that i can eat already. wah, punya saya happy! hahaha. macam berhari-hari nda makan ni. 
saya dengan berseleranya makan bread + orange juice that were bought by my hubby earlier on. and my two best BFF visited me later and i asked for bubur McD. haha. demand yo! and they came just after my hubby left at about 8pm. Thanks for visiting me, Kuan & BB! 
two hours after the operation. (breast-milk still leaking)
i have to spend another night at the hospital (am missing my babies like crazy but i kept cool). i can't wait to be discharged by tomorrow (21st april). 

the next day, after waiting almost noon baru la kena discaj from the hospital. lambat betul mau kasi tu surat discaj. haiya! 
to all friends that have wishes me thru FB, thank you so much for your concerns and well wishes. i just want to share my condition and to get my friends to be alert on their health, especially women.

women out there please do your regular pap smears ya. 
my three days view! nasib i got the bed near the window area.

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