Tuesday, May 26, 2015

nanny story

Thia got a new nanny. Effective the month of May. It was such a short notice given by Thia's previous nanny and I was feeling worried. Worried as in where the hell I can find another good and trusted nanny for her. I can accept and understood her reason why she can't take care of Thia anymore. I am so thankful for her for taking good care of Thia for almost four months.

But thank God! Thia finally got her new nanny in just one week after asking for my cousin's wife and with the help of my Aunt to be her new nanny. My last choice is to put her in nursery but nasib la my cousin's wife agreed to be Thia's nanny. And I really appreciated it since she too has a toddler to take care of (2 y.o). It's not an easy task to take care two active toddlers you know. Thank you so much Helen ^__^

Anyway, Thia's really anxious and frightened on her first day at my cousin's house. Crying out loud when I left her to works but only for a while as her nanny said. It continues for almost one week. Now, she's more comfortable and familiar with the house already. Thank God! I hope this is her last 'nursery' before went to kindergarten in future.


  1. Mmg kalau bab babysitter ni big issue owh kan. Mau resign jaga anak pun buli la kalau org kaya or yg mampu. Kalau nda, nda berasap ooo dapur. Kan? Huhuhuh

    1. Ya ba, klu la bule resign jaga anak...huhu... tp takut juga nda berasap nti tu dapur :(