Friday, August 05, 2016


my poor baby thia....

she had this allergic few times suda...asal dia selsema for quite long time mesti muka dia bengkak. kesian juga saya tengo dia. kesakitan whenever i tried to lap her hingus yang meleleh..the first time she kena this was in may during kaamatan holidays and then during hari raya pun muka dia bengkak. but thank god she's very active and also kuat makan.

recently, i don't remember what's new food i gave her cause according to the doctor at hospital likas (we went to emergency clinic on 03/08/16) the allergic maybe due to that reason (and also if we had bring her to a new place). hmmmm... mau jaga suda pemakanan si thia ni. susah hati nampak dia macam ni. but the doctor said nothing serious la tapi we as parent has to take extra precaution ba kan...

halo everybody..i'm back....bilang si thia ^___^


  1. mau tau tu apa yg dia allergic.. kacang & seafood ba biasanya.. telur pun kadang2..

    1. laini.. mo ingat suda apa yang dia makan bikin dia alergik. dia lagi tu suka makan telur..