Friday, August 12, 2016

i don't want to miss a thing (part 1)

hehe..aerosmith fan here! 

since my last post there's a lot things happened in my life that i think i should share here in my blog. it's all about the sweet memories (or bitter one) that happened throughout my life..and it's for my kids future reading or for me bila suda veteren nanti...hahaha...  

November 2015
it's all about birthday, cakes, farewell, caroling training :) 
my youngest uncle's birthday on 11/11/15
we had a small family gathering to celebrate his birthday (second from left) at my dad's house. he moved in to my dad's house last year when the old family house were demolished to make way for the road project.
yes! birthday celebration on 16/11/15. makan kek lagi. we suprised her with a cake. hehe..bangas suda ini planning but we do it anyway. just to have some fun in the office..
four days after makan kek at the office we had another farewell party for our colleague. this time its a closed door party. haha. and we just invited those who came to the office that day to eat the foods on the table.. i must say the foods was yummylicious la.. and this was the last farewell party we had -__- 20/11/15
it's the second time our office had this training. i didn't managed to join the previous training due to our office were at wisma kolombong. this caroling training makes me missing my childhood memories where i did actively joined the caroling team at our village. i learned a lot during this practice and have so much fun singing the christmas song. there's one song that i never heard before 'Gaudete'. according to the trainer, it was a famous song. the training began as early as early november but the participation from the staffs is not that great.

December 2015
i loves december! because it was the month i was born and also Christmas and also lots of makan makan until hujung tahun... hihihi...
punya lama saya tunggu birthday cake saya...petang suda baru dorang kasi suprised... hahaha.
anyway, this is my 36th birthday cake. sedap! thanks guys for the cake. ~01/12/15~
this was captured during CRDR group's year end party at dewan kg.nountun. i'll blog about it separately later la.. so many pictures to share :) ~06/12/15~
well, nda habis habis birthday suprised oh di office kami kan...haha...yang penting ada kana ingat ba kan.... birthday comes once a year saja mah... tapi makan kek balik balik la.....
on our way to our big boss's house at likas after work. we performed caroling together with bukit harapan children for the yearly christmas gathering for the boss family. excited yet at the same time very nervous performing in front of our big boss ~18/12/15~
this is our dept contribution for this year christmas party foods. yes, each department have to contribute at least one dishes for the annual party. but the main dishes were sponsored by the office la... as usual so many desserts on the table... nyumm nyumm nyumm....
our annual christmas party was held on 19/12/15 at the usual place which is at the office lobby and this year the theme was the colour of purple. all the staffs had to wear purple or at least something purple. i'm not happy with the exchanged gift that i got last year....but feeling thankful that i got RM100 Parkson gift voucher (that i still haven't use it until now) for the lucky draws for the staffs. 

this is it! the day we performed our christmas carolling. gosh! we are very nervous since we have been training hard since early november and guess what! it had been paid off. many praised our performance and i'm so proud to be in the caroling team. be continued...
thanks for reading this long overdue stories of mine.


  1. Wah! Trus sia inda sabar mo Krismas. Counting days sdh sia ni wlaupun bru bulan 8 hehe...

    1. pun tia sabar ni mo krismas.... tia lama lg baitu....