Friday, August 26, 2016

i don't want to miss a thing (part 2)

let's continue my throwback stories from here ...........

January to March 2016 were filled with lots of our little family outing, exploring new places and also a surprise good news.
January 10, 2016
being the 'city girl' i never had to try harvesting paddy. ini adalah kali pertama saya 'mongomot'. it turned out to be so easy and enjoyable to do it ramai ramai (minus the hot weather la). lokasi adalah di tenghilan, lupa suda nama tu kampung.
January 11, 2016
we're so excited! jaden's first day at kindergarten. they haven't got their uniform since it's a new kindergarten. he was calmed and can mixed around with the other kids :) ibu bapa dia pula yang nda tenteram. haha. cubuk cubuk lagi dari luar tingkap.
February 9, 2016
last chinese new year holiday, we went to green connection. it was a first time for my thia and second time for jaden visiting the centre. my boy jaden was so braved handling the 'little' python. i forgot its name already.
February 13, 2016
a day before valentine's day we went hiking to the famous bukit perahu at tamparuli. it was all dusty trail and very tiring since we brought jaden with us. kasihan the hubby terpaksa jaga dia all the way up and down the hill.
February 14, 2016
on valentine day pula kami jalan jalan pigi melawat sungai tagal kg kinolosodon, ulu kimanis papar. jauh juga la perjalanan tapi demi untuk merasai fish spa yang ada di sini maka sampai la kami ke ulu kimanis papar :) lagipun it's a new place to explore and ramai orang share pasal ni tempat juga. anak pun gumbira mandi manda sungai tapi si thia takut ikan pula...haha
March 6, 2016
two weeks after visiting fish spa sg kinolosodon we went to another hot spot for fish spa'ing. this time the location is at tamparuli; pusat rekreasi tagal kg poturidong kiulu. the hubby joined a ride group where they begin their journey at the other side of the kampung. so sambil kami tunggu kedatangan para rider kami piknik di siring sungai tagal ini. i don't take much pictures that day...nda rajin kasi keluar handphone.. hihi
March 27, 2016
last but not least, a suprise good news! ^_____^


  1. Lama sdh teda tanam padi di kg sya. Klau dulu2 itulah karaja kami. Rindu pula zaman dulu2 huhu..
    Lastly, tahniah moi!! Take good care :)

    1. Siok tu kan klu ramai2 d sawah padi.. Thanks moi for the wish :)

  2. Sarat sdh skrg kan moy.. congrats and take care moy!

    1. Thanks moi :) Iya....sarat suda ni. Penat eh.. hihi