Sunday, January 06, 2013

being a full-time housewife

only for two weeks.....*sigh*

remember my last day at my ex-company? time flies so fast oh!! 

well, i really hope i can be a full-time housewife someday... i loved every moments spent with my dear son, jaden. even though i have to face the same routines everyday, suprisingly i never got tired of it. i wakes up early in the morning just like going to work (no more beauty sleep until 10am..hahaha), prepare jaden's food - porridge, after he's eaten need to bath him. after he took his bath, he will have his nap time. sometimes in noon, i will give him his 'snack'. at the moment i only give him 'heinz' apple and banana baby food and 'milna' rusk biscuit to be mixed with hot water or breast milk (and he liked both food) and then he had his nap time again. i usually gave his second meal around 4pm to 5pm, depends what time he's awake. and then bathed him, if he still have energy to play, i will let him stay awake until his bedtime at about 8pm :) tapi kadang-kadang dia nda mau tidur awal. so layan saja la karenah dia.

that's my routine as a full-time housewife. oh, i did house chores juga ba when he's sleeping ^___^ i felt tired but in the end of the day i'm pretty satisfied with what i have done for my child. he's my sweet angel and i loved him so much!! 

tomorrow will be a new challenge, new environment and new workplace i need to face. i'm missing my jaden already right now. spending two weeks with him is not enough. i think every mother feels like that, right? i really envy those who are full-time housewife.... anyway, i hope tomorrow will run smoothly and hope my 'work' brain still functioning. miahahaha...lama juga ba dua minggu tu terperuk di rumah melayan karenah anak..... the best two weeks i had! 

jaden, mummy loves you so much!

ok lah, mau continue tingu juara lagu ke-27 dulu. kita tengo siapa yang angkat juara lagu ini tahun. 

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