Saturday, January 05, 2013

teary eyes

yesterday, i've visited my neighbour's little baby. what makes me cry inside my heart and almost a teary eyes was to see what had happened to the little child. he had burned - i think second degree burns, due to scald (a burn cause by hot liquid or steam). the affected area was his back, thigh and celah-celah kelangkang. nasib baik his genital was not burn. thank god for the pampers he wore that time in the baby walker. but still he had burned. that makes me couldn't sleep thinking of the accident that happened to the baby. it was a terrible thing that can happened to a baby. can you imagine how much pain the baby can take? and he's merely 8 months old... *teary eyes*. i hope the baby wound will healed sooner ;(

i hope every parents out there take care of their little ones. we don't want accidents happened to our own child, right? please please takes extra caution to make sure our home is safe.

for more info, you can go read here to understand about this common accident - burns.

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