Wednesday, January 02, 2013

new year story!

what i did during new year's eve? 

watching "new year's eve" movie ^___^ nasib ada tv in our room. i need to accompany my lil' jaden since he's sleeping. nanti dia awake at 12am because of fireworks sound kesian dia teda teman. hihi. but when the clock strike midnight marked the new year dengan selamba saja dia buka mata dengar bunyi fireworks and smile to me (awhh...what a wonderful new year!). no fear, no crying from my boy. so, i brought him to outside verandah to see the beautiful fireworks and wishing all the people happy new year just from the verandah. i don't dare to go down coz the boys, big big boys were throwing small mercun to each other. crazy la them but it was a very happy new year celebration at our house. and the party goes til 5am in the morning.. i heard la ^____^ well, my room were just next to our porch where the aramaiti were held. can you imagine the loudness from the karaoke-ing, drinking and playing card session as well as laughing out loud from the crazy bunch of friends? omg! so loud but luckily i can sleep soundly only awake to go to toilet and breastfeeding my jaden :) it's okay since it's new year kan, so kebisingan dimaafkan. nasib baik anak saya pun tidur lena. thank god!

wake up at about 8am on the 1st day of 2013. preparing my baby's food cause later we need to jalan cari barang. i need to get few things to bake steam chocolate moist cake. actually, saya harap my mum yang bikin coz dia ada ikut short course from KEMAS kan..hihi.. saya ada tolong juga la. tolong pukul telur saja ;) no mixer bought so have to be manually beaten lor..penat oh! need to buy mixer later. so first steam choc moist cake, not that successful. i suspect because of the egg nda kena pukul berabisan. haha. but the taste was nice but so sweet oh..need to lessen the sugar next time. 

no pictures were taken during new year. malas mau ambik :) my dad did took pictures time dorang aramaiti tapi i malas nak copy from his camera. and for the cake, next time saja la i take pictures if we have time to do it again ^___^

so, happy new year again! it's not too late to wish it again and again. hehe. i hope you all achieved your new goals for this year. as for me, i don't do any resolution cause i stick with my simple motto in life ~ COME WHAT MAY ~


p/s: four more days my long holidays will be ended * sigh *

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