Sunday, January 27, 2013

jaden : 7 months and baptized

today my jaden turns 7 months old. and he was not in healthy condition. he had cough. last night he got fever. nasib ada 'cool fever', his fever subside in the morning. and he's activeness is back! hopefully he will be alright since today is his baptism day.

i'm blessed to have my son to be baptized at sacred heart cathedral church and his godparent is my first cousin, mr cyril. thanks dear cuzzie! there's a lot of children to be baptized this evening but the event went very well. i want to share the pictures but not yet ready (kes malas mo copy from the camera..hehe). will upload the pictures when i have time ya. 

back to jaden's development. nowadays, he's so active. be it in pushing his body to grab something that attract him, bouncing up and down, angkat body dia, gigit jari and whats not :) 

i have been introducing him solid food when he turned 6 months old. thank god, so far his poo poo is very okay. no constipation and he's not really choosy with his food. i only gave him other baby food during weekend as his snack food and he likes it so much. macam nda mo berenti makan tu heinz baby food. now, he can finished up to 6oz formula milk (anmum).

his sleeping pattern also change which now he slept a little bit longer than last time. i make sure he's full before he sleep la. nanti meragam pula tengah2 malam. sometimes, he will awake at 3am or 4am in the morning. his lapar time la tu. he's bedtime usually from 8pm to 10pm. means, in between the time is 'meragam' time before he asleep. menduga kesabaran juga kadang2.

oh, he's been babysitted by my neighbour since i began working at my new company. it was a heartbreaking to let him go to the aunty's house. i pity my mum ba cause if i don't do that, she will not cukup kaki-tangan to take care of 3 young children. lagi-lagi kalau my jaden suda mula crawling! pingsan kali my mum ;) the first day sending him to the aunty : nervous + worried. nasib he's not crying when i left him there. dia buat muka blur ja. sa pula yang macam mo menangis (huhu....). and the next next day pun he's not crying. he's well behaved as per aunty statement. and he likes to laugh a lot, dia bilang. hihi..

i think that's all for now.  'long pause' in blogging kan, so need to update my online diary for future reading. haha. later, i will share story about my new working environment and why i love my current job to the bit *stress level masih rendah kan*........

ok lah, need to crawl to the bed now. i'm so tired with today's activity and i  want to thank god for everything. 


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  1. Baby cepat kan development dorang.. I miss when Gabriel was newborn..