Tuesday, October 28, 2014

blessed day!

Once again we had a small family (and friends) gathering on Saturday to celebrate the thanksgiving for blessing of marriage of my cousin at his house. Unfortunately, we can't make it to the church to witnessed their marriage blessing. Susah bah kalau bawa budaks kecil ni.. So, we just went to his house and joined the blessing prayer and after that makan-makan time.. Happy hour! The food was yummy but most important food was the CAKE! Wow..yummee and it was a homemade cake by Helen, the cousin sister-in-law. 

And at night pula,  me and the babies went to my best friend (Koyo) daughter- Chubby's 6th birthday party at her house. Makan lagi (macamna la mau diet ni..hmmm)! It was so tiring to take care both of my babies alone. My hubby went to play football - friendly match that night. Jauh lagi tu di Sepanggar.. Uwaaah... Nasib my baby Thia not fussy at all. She's okay with all of them when they dukung her. Thank God! I can fed Jaden and makan without any worry.. Hehe.. Tapi kena makan dengan laju juga la.. Kesian juga dorang dukung lama-lama si Thia. Lebih kurang jam 10 lebih baru my hubby sampai and let him eat first, chit chat with friends sekejap pastu baru we went back home. Gosh! So tired. Arrived home approx 11pm.. Huhu.. Didn't manage to snap the Frozen Theme birthday cake (so nice deco oh tu kek!). Nanti la tunggu sharing from de watsapp.. Layan gambar cupcakes saja la dulu..

p/s: Kesimpulan : On Saturday we no need to masak at home......blissful!!! Cuti dari memasak ^_____^


  1. wahhh cake nopo owhh... hahahaha... pnya my girl suka ni kalau dpt kek frozen..

    1. musim frozen ba sekarang ni. my boy pun minat ni sama frozen. haha..