Thursday, October 23, 2014

weekend story

last saturday, we had another small potong kek gathering sempena farewell for my colleague. and also heavy breakfast. hehe..macam nda percaya saja dia resign ba. sedih juga. but what to do life goes on orang bilang.

and then after works we had a small gathering to celebrate the ex-colleague birthday di Upperstar Damai. and i don't know why i went to Upperstar Lintas (bengong punya kes). i brought Jaden with me. at first he behave well in the car. after a while, he throwed tantrum. punya saya meradang. suda la salah tempat. huh! tapi apa-apa pun "happy birthday JM" masi muda lagi ba...10 years younger than me.. gosh!!!

nyum nyum nyum.. lagi yummy if the minion cupcakes cake were chocolate moist.. teeheee!
not really a red velvet cake fans.

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