Friday, October 24, 2014

thanks for everything!

Got this free sample for New Born from Drypers Baby Club. Unfortunately that not the size that i requested for. I requested to try for the Drypantz XL for my baby Jaden. But i think they've messed up..hihi..See the name on the address? How come my name change to chinese name? miahahaha...So, I gave the sample to my sister for her baby Oden.
Yahuu...! Some snacks and Taiwan coffee as Ole-Ole given by hubby's Boss who went to Taiwan recently. Sikit-sikit pun ok la. Asal ada kan. Got sunglasses also, Ripcurl brand yo! Thanks to hubby's Boss ^__^. Can't wait for my Ole-Ole from my friend currently in  Taiwan for cuti-cuti. Waduh, jeles I tau..
Yeah! I just received these lovely dresses for Thia from my best friend, Mary today. Even tough it was a belated gifts but I do appreciate it (very much!). A brief meet up with her and her lovely kids during lunch time and i'm so happy to see them.

On the other hand, my babies membesar dengan sangat cepat! I've missed them when they were still months young..rindu with their baby's scent. Adakah begitu? teehee 

 See... Thia pun pandai suda main Ukelele. Kalah saya oh! Haha...

p/s: Tomorrow is public holiday (Awal Muharram). Happy Holiday my dear friends!!


  1. eiii kiut ooo.. pakai apa ko edit ni gambar?

    1. lilie, sa pakai Instamag apps ja. sa suka ni pakai ni apps. te payah sda susah payah mo edit d komputer..hihi