Thursday, October 02, 2014

melawat muzium

last august, me, hubby & Jaden jalan-jalan pigi muzium. it was my........ mmmm, i dunno how many times did i visited the museum. but for sure, it was Jaden first time visiting the museum. at that time, the main exhibition was focused on the national day theme. since it was the month of august kan. the replica of the big giant whale skeleton was kept there. the museum is a good place to educate our next generation of our legacy (especially for Sabahan) and for foreigner/tourists to see the rich and diversified culture and interesting infos about Sabah. 

father and son moments
NBR No.7 for full info about NBR read here
North Borneo Railway ~ am proud to be Sabahan. It's the only rail operated on the Borneo island.

dear Jaden,   
mummy was so happy to spend the day with you even tough only a few hours. but it's worth it. apa lagi kalau pigi those tempat yang jarang kena lawat. hehe. you behave well during touring around the museum. maybe the darkness of the place makes you feels creepy. mummy would love to bring you to the museum next time, and that time you'll have a friend that is your little sister. hehehe.. 

some infos:  

Opening hours - Open daily from 9am to 5pm

Admission fees
  • Malaysian Guests - RM2.00
  • Non-Malaysian Guests - RM15.00
Malaysians only:
  • Students in uniform - Free
  • Disabled Guests - Free
  • Senior Guests - Free
  • Taxi Drivers - Free 
Nah, apa tunggu lagi, murah saja admission fees dia kan. bawa la the whole family jalan-jalan pigi muzium. siok ba ^___^





  1. pnya lama nda p muzium. Dulu time sikul last pigi...

    1. not planned ba ni p muzium. tetiba ja punya rancangan ni.hehe..siok jg bawa budak p cni. ada jg rumah2 tradisi sana bawah bukit tp spare for next time visit la :)

    2. ya.. dulu lg ba ada tu rmh tradisi tu. Hrp2 msh well-maintained la..