Thursday, October 30, 2014

i can't hardly wait!

for my ole-ole *smiling ear to ear*

My friend just came back from her Taiwan trip. I belum minta ole-ole pun tapi she know already I will want a souvenir from her.. Miahahahaha.. Best kan dapat friend like this??? I got jealous seeing all her photos shared thru FB. Another ole-ole is from my uni friend Europe trip in early this month. Ini lagi la bikin nangis tengo all the beautiful pictures shared thru her FB. She's been to 19 countries so far (haha..FB stalker). Thumbs up to her! 

I missed to travel. Travel with my best friends. Travel in a group. Travel with my darling hubby. The last time I get out of this country was with my old buddies (my partner-in-crime) to Vietnam. It was a great experience since I never been a backpacker traveler. Selalunya mesti ikut tour. And that was in 2012 **sigh**

Cuti-cuti Sabah pun teda. Huh! Rindu mo buat road trip with the Hubby. But this time must bring the babies. Untuk kasi lagi havoc itu trip! Hehe.....  

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