Thursday, August 04, 2011

Day 28 ~ Things u have been Eye-ing On but haven't got the Chance to Own It

cute kan? i have my eyes laid on these two little cutie pie. i really adore my nephews. i'm hoping that i can get a girl cousin for them. ngeh ngeh ngeh.....babies are living things ba :) there's no other things (i think) that can make me happy. if ada pun, sekejap saja. but this one will last forever! *wink wink*

whoa! two more blog challenge post for me to complete the 30dbc. we'll see what the next post is about. so guys, stay tune ya!!

~ldyann says happy thursday everbody! cheers~


  1. Your nephews are adorable... And hahaa, quite hard to get a baby
    s attention to look into the camera ka. I know it's hard for me ;D

  2. Adorable. Hope you get what you wish for. Siok ba kan kalau baby girl, you get to dress her up and play make-up hehehe :)

  3. ya agree with Lizee..hope ur wish come true hehe

  4. armstrong : ya, mmg susah mo tangkap gmbr baby :) btw, thanks for visiting ya.

    lizee : thanks kio. ya, i hope for baby girl jg ni but any gender pun welcome ni skrg...hehe...(masi berusaha..hehe)

    stella : thanks stella ^__^

    sjb : ya, susah mo tangkap time dia ketawa ni..hehe..