Monday, August 01, 2011

pulau tiga : snake island + white sandy beach

hello august!
this will be my last post for the pulau tiga trip. bear with me.... please..... hihi..

we had earlier booked the trip to snake island + pulau pasir thru the agent (much cheaper compare to book at the resort). we woke up pretty early that morning just to see the sunrise. too bad the sunrise was on the other side of the island. so, we just hang around at the jetty and wait for the breakfast time. 

morning view
our breakfast
after taking our breakfast, off we go to the snake island which is 20 minutes boat ride from the resort. actually, there is two more island at the pulau tiga park. one is kalampunian  besar (sand island) and kalampunian kecil (snake island). 

first stop, we visited the snake island to see the sea snake. yay! we were there with two other group; the dutch & the chinese tourists. we were not so lucky at the island because not much snakes were found that time. lari kali dorang coz ramai betul orang :)
welcome to snake island!
the two of us!
the guide only manage to found only one sea snake hidden among the rocks under the jetty. everyone is eager to touch the snake including me. yay again! only few of the chinese tourist were brave enough to touch it. actually, i don't like snake but once in a while can touch mah provided it is safe. hehe..
a little bit scary on the island surrounding
we spend around 20 minutes at the snake island. the next destination is the one that i'm looking forward to which is the sand island. i remember last time when i saw my sister's pics, the island is totally a white sandy beaches island. with no trees. now, the island is so green, white and blue in colour. okay la, i present to you all the green, white and blue pictures. hopefully it can soothes your day :)

i'm not finished yet ^__^ since this is my last post regarding pulau tiga, i must 'palayang' (show-off) all the fun + craziness of this trip..hehe..20 minutes were given to savor the beauty of the mother nature ~ white sandy beach and the crystal clear sea water.

at first, mandi laut is not in my list since i didn't have extra clothes. but then, "where there's a will, there's a way" ba kan? since we need to stop for the snorkeling slot at about 45 minutes, i said to myself alang-alang sampai tengah laut, why not jump to the wide open azure sea water? i don't want to get caught in sea sickness also ^___^ can you imagine, you doing nothing on the boat while the boat goyang-goyang? sure mabuk laut! ba, enjoy the pictures of yours truly siok sendiri mandi laut. the hubby jadi cameraman :) 
need to pay extra for snorkeling, so i just mandi laut
with & without the life jacket! 
santai di laut :)
totally fun but tiring ^_^

and this is
the consequence
that's that!
i'm sleepy already. i hope you all enjoy the pictures and make your plan to visit this beautiful island. don't forget to include this trip to your itinerary ya. 

oh ya, selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa to all my muslim relatives and friends (today is the first day of puasa)

~ldyann welcomes august. bring it on!~ 


  1. Lovely pictures. I'm not an outdoor kind of person but one day, sia mau juga visit ni Pulau 3. Most of my friends pun ckp cantik! :)

  2. lizee : thanks kio. ba, klu ada masa pigi la lawat tu pulau..hehe

    sjb : kici ja tu ular tu..hehe..

  3. Tdk sempat pi pulau ular haritu. Spent the days di pulau tiga saja. Nice Series of pics.

  4. owh thanks floyd :) teda jg ular di sana tu. bertapuk kali ular dia coz 1 ja kana jumpa. hehe..