Thursday, August 25, 2011

from kuala penyu to tambunan

i'm going to tambunan tomorrow to attend the funeral of my sis-in-law's father-in-law funeral. my darling used to live with his sister's late father-in-law during his teenager time (he went to smk tambunan then). since my post will ada cerita sedikit sebanyak pasal tambunan, i'll share with you my journey (honeymoon trip lagi bah).  

yeah, it's been a tiring honeymoon for us. but we enjoyed it very much and will remember it for the rest of our life *kompom!!* ^___^ we have done mud volcano bathwatching sunsetvisit the snake island and sandpit when we're honeymoon-ing at pulau tiga, the survivor island. memorable!!

on the second day of our honeymoon trip, we went to sawangan beach lodge which we have booked earlier to stay one more night in kuala penyu. i hope to catch the beautiful sunset like what we had in pulau tiga. but too bad it was raining heavily that time. so, i just accompanied my hubby lepas gian fishing at the sawangan jetty.  it was so cold - raining cats and dogs!!

sawangan beach lodge offers: two lodges, a family house and camping site
the simple deco inside the lodge
sawangan jetty
local favorite past time
it's raining men! nah........... it's raining cats and dogs...
my darling lepas gian memancing but no fish ooo..
the very next day, i hope to catch the sunrise but i don't have the energy to wake up early. hehe, still felt tired from the pulau tiga trip. so, aunt vicky (the owner) showed me the sunrise pictures from her computer, wahhhhh, i am so amazed on the gorgeous sunrise pics..gigit jari sajalah..there's always some day ba kan (yeah right, i forget my rosary at the cabin ~ have reason to go back there **grinning**)

we took off from the resort at about 10am & we decided to take the ferry ride (it was my first time using kuala penyu ferry service). i thought we have to pay the service, tau-tau no need mah..punya lucu kami dua. bertingu-tingu kami when there's nobody there to collect the fee when we reached the other side. so, apalagi pecut la kami (hehe...ingat buli buat F1 ka di jalan kampung?). i like the route rather than the usual route (membakut-klias road). it saved more time and less vehicle on the road. but one have to be very careful with the junction la. nanti nda dapat pula cari jalan keluar kalau terlimpas junction. luckily my darling know the route & we safely reached the junction to the main road.

yeah, first time using kuala penyu ferry service :)

reached home at about 1pm. rehat sebentar & un-packed & re-pack again for the tambunan trip.. fuh!! it's very hot la that day! near 3pm we make our move to tambunan. we reached at the town at 5.30pm & search for a motel. initially, we want to stay at tvrc, but then my darling bro-in-law suggested we check the new motel in town (forgot the name) tapi sungguh la mahal rate dia. maybe next trip off we go check-in at tvrc. not bad jg bah...all bamboo based :)

tambunan welcomed us with a beautiful rainbow
sunset at tambunan.....awwhhh....
after taking our bath, we proceed to my darling sister's house in nambayan. later on, we & his sister's family went to tngc to have our dinner. the bro-in-law belanja. after dinner, it's karaoke time!! yippeee!! the happy hour ended at about 11 something. it's time to go back and hit the sack..huh! tiring day for us! the next day we're not taking the usual route to go back kk. we're taking longer route this time which was my first time and i'm so excited :)

i guess tomorrow many of you will go back to your hometown to celebrate hari raya with families and loves one. happy holidays peeps! please drive carefully ya ^__^

biar lambat asal selamat!


  1. very nice effect yg pic ada hujan tu.

    Must've been a great trip. Beautiful captures too.

  2. floyd : thanks floyd. nice but tiring trip :)