Saturday, August 06, 2011

Day 29 ~ 3 random Photos you've Taken 3 years Ago

let's see.. 3 years ago = 2008, right?
ok, need to dig into my external hd for that purpose. huh!

so, here is my findings: -

photo #1
taken during mother's day in may. my mum (yellow shirt), my youngest aunty ~ alesta (in red) & another aunty ~ christina (in blue). both are my dad's siblings. we're having a small mother's day celebration at our home.

photo #2
my engagement day in june. dup dap dup dap itu time. the happiest time for me eventho i had flu + fever the day before :) bikin pening kepala saja. from l-r : nelly, dolly, me, julia & ellie (sit in front)

and last but not least

photo #3
august sunset at bukit padang. it's very tiring to climb the hill.  but it's worth it!!

there goes my day 29 blog post challenge!
happy weekend guys!! cheers ^___^



  1. Wah mau habis sudah ko punya 30DBC ;-D Jiayou!

    Punya cantik tu yang permandangan di Bt. Padang tu.. Lama sudah sa inda climb sampai atas. Next year la baru sa climb balik.. Hehe..

  2. Nice sunset shot. I didnt realise it could be that beautiful from B.Padang hill.

  3. I love the sunset pic too! Lovely photos :)

  4. annie : yup, mo abis suda! ^__^ ya, sa pun lama suda nda pg naik bkt padang..hehe

    floyd & lizee : thanks ya!!