Monday, August 15, 2011

wild life

this post was supposed to be posted last year. tapi cerita belum abis dikarang ^___^  so, daripada this post remained as a draft better i finished it and shares the fun outing with the kids n mums.

who has never been to lok kawi wildlife park? ahh... maybe some of us doesn't care whether have visited or not the local wildlife park. it location made the place reachable, that's why some people is delaying their visit to the park, right? err.... maybe other factor pun ada juga la kan seperti teda masa ^___^ as for me, it was my 3rd visit to the park. first visit ~ free (wildlife day). second visit ~ seanet 2009 convention. third visit ~ tabika kemas trip.

i'm gonna share with you my third visit with the tabika kemas children which my nephew attended last year. since i'm not working on saturday, i decided to join the trip together with my mum. i just paid RM10 for the entrance while my mum & nephew are FOC. we had our breakfast at home & after all are ready, we went to the tabika to gather with the rest of the children + parent/ guardian and wait for the bus. we were supposed to be briefed by the teacher before the bus come. however, when the bus arrived at about 9am everybody rushed to the bus. takut ketinggalan bas! haha..that include us. lucky us we got the bus with airconditioner ^___^
upon reaching the park, the children were told to form two lines :)
and my nephew lari dari line
waiting to be briefed by the park ranger
the kids were so eager to enter the park to see all the wild animals there. maybe some of them were first timer & some may have been there for few times. some of the children's faces seen as below;
afraid and smiley

and also attentive. 

but ada juga yang jajal ba!
naughty boy! dia bilang tu gajah smelly *__*
some of the animals i managed to photograph that day. very wild life eh?

the elephant
proboscis monkey
the side and sexy back pose
momusorou? hehe
cream foal's sexy back 
whatca lookin' at?
and the only flower i've captured on that day :)

enjoy the faces of my mum and her grandson ^___^

edek trying to be the tiger

senyuman minta puji
with his favourite number
posing time!
it's time to say goodbye to the wildlife park. i hope to visit the park someday with my other half because he haven't been there T___T the reason : location, bila-bila masa boleh pigi :) nah kan, apa sia bilang.

happy monday peeps! cheers!!


  1. We have yet to go there. Entah bila baru dpat p. Tunggu Hubby cuti panjang dulu sikit..hehe

  2. cantik2 ur pictures ni..i've been there 3x suda but time tu itu foal blum ada pula. mau pigi lagi la satu kali. tgk updated version haha

  3. cute lah tingu gaya tu budak2 hahaha.. mcm2 ada's fun.

  4. isabel : one day ko dapat jg pg tu :)

    mell_f : tq moi. ko terpikat dgn sexy back itu foal ka moi?? pigi no kama. manatau ada lg updated version wild life di sana...ekekekke..

    stella : ya, mmg klu suda budak2 bkumpul mcm2 gaya ko bule nmpk....

  5. Hai..sia pun bulum terpigi lagi tau. Nanti year.