Monday, August 08, 2011

sushi time

yesterday afternoon (a very hot afternoon!) i received text message from my friend, rose ;

BABE! WANNA GO? (happy 8th anniversary to Wojamama. From 7-12 Aug, ALL Sushi 50% OFF, Ala-Carte from RM8 each, all outlets) 

lucky her, i didn't have any plan for that evening. she love to eat sushi and i haven't met her for awhile. so, i said okay & i ask my hubby to sent me to her house at 4pm. cuaca di luar sungguh panas. di dalam rumah suda la panas, apakan lagi di luar..huhu..i followed rose to the wojamama outlet at kompleks asia city. it was my first time went to the complex parking lot *sakai ni* hehehe..

ok, fast forward to the eating time. i only managed to take few sushi pics *________*  hehe..suda nampak sushi depan mata, mana lagi mau ingat ambik gambar. 
actually, i'm not a sushi lover. but i ate like there's no tomorrow @__@ sekali time mau beredar suda, i feel like vomiting. overload!!! hahahaha.....crazee betul....

to sushi lovers out there, bring your friends & family to wojamama outlets this week. ada promosi tu sekarang ^____^

~ldyann counted the sushi plate  - 22 plates for the two of us! pengsan oo~


  1. Wahhhh..bukan main lagi ah..Hehehe..Tapi memang good deal bah. Kalau sia pun berabis mkn suda tu :)

  2. ya bah moi..bukan selalu dpt deal begitu kan.. lgpun banyak betul choice dia. rambang mata ni.. hehe