Thursday, August 11, 2011

spot the difference

hey guys! how is your day today? 
me, i'm feeling great even though over loaded with the office works ^__^
i want to share this random photo taken with my SE handphone last year. 
can you spot the difference between the two 50 ringgit notes? 
probably you'll spot the difference already, right? yup, the signature is not in the same spot. and why is that happened? i also don't know ^______^



  1. Hello Jj!

    *belari p check duit d dompet* ya oh, semua duit sa (tdk jg byk lah :P) signature d tengah. kenapa pula ada d tepi tu ah? huhu

    thanks for following my blog ya. followed yours too. cheers! :)

  2. if im not mistaken the 2nd RM50 note was issued by the governor before our current gavernor, zeti aziz...hence the different signature and placement of the signature.

  3. Iya..jawapan pun sama mcm dorang c Carol :)

  4. deanona : nampaknya jawapan suda ditemui. lain gabenor lain tampat kana sign..itu pasal ada perbezaan...hehe..

    thanks guys! ^__^

  5. The placement of the signature is entirely up to the governor. On some occasions, the DYMM himself of the queen would sign instead.