Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Day 30 ~ Photo of Yourself Today and 3 goods Things that Happened in the Past 30days

i have started the 30dbc in mar'11 ^______^ and you can read my first post for the blog challenge. wah, i have been dragging the post til this month of august. hehe. takpe, yang penting i do & finish the challenge. actually, it's been quite challenging for me since i'm new in blogging arena. ya, i still consider i'm a newbie ba........

ok, let' s move on to my last post (i think i'm gonna miss this blog challenge..hehe) 
i haven't take any photograph of myself today. don't have the mood to camwhoring *__*  failed oh kan? . hehehe...ok, next question please - the 3 good things happened in the past 30days. since, i did not finish this 30dbc on time (in 30 days) so i just list out the best things that happened since i begin this blog challenge. 
  • meet new blogger friends (yeah, you!) hehe..thanks for dropping by ya ^___^
  • improve my b. inggeris even the grammar is out! (lama suda nda mengarang dalam bahasa b.inggeris ba..berkarat suda kan...hehe)
  • manage to update my blog (takut after this no post la pula..hmmm)
  • get inspire from reading other blogger stories (positively!)
that's that. i can't think anymore. 
anyway, i have to pat my own shoulder for the blog well done! yippeee!!! **you can help me too** haha...minta puji eh ^______^
ok la, i'm sleepy already and need to crawl to my bed now. good nite y'all. peace!



  1. 30days blog challenge ni mcm sya mo buat juga tp..hmm..takut pula nda tercapai hehehe

  2. Mcm Stella, sia pun nda berani mau try ni 30 day-blogarthon hehehe...Maybe kalau cuti panjang buli la ^___^

  3. from my posting pattern the last 3 months, this seem a real challenge for me. I'll pass, for now.

  4. stella : ya la, bukan challenge suda gia kan klu nda kasi abis dlm masa 30 ari... in my case, salah timing ba tu..hahaha..

    lizee: ya moi, tunggu butul2 ada time baru buat..hehe..

    floyd : u may passed it..eekekekeke :)