Sunday, August 21, 2011

right man. right dress.

lovely Cathj's Blog Guest  segment :
 'my wedding gown'
i wanted to do it earlier when i saw she posted this segment of hers  but time not permitted :)
so, here i am remembering again those precious moments of my life.

if you asked me, did i choose my right / dream wedding dress. 
 i'd say it was not my dream but it was the right dress. 
it was simple strapless wedding dress.
but with the bodice beading details & the 'tingkat2' gown, it way beyond simple.
hah! ya la, misti mo lain dari yang lain juga mah kan ^__^

the bodice details. * pls ignore my sad look, candid baini :) *

i'm so thankful to my best friend, ellie for accompany me to the chosen bridal house to select my wedding . for the package i took, i can have 3 wedding gown for the actual wedding day. and she helped me to choose all three gowns. thanks babe!
i remembered, i get excited whenever trying each of the gorgeous white gowns that i wanna try out. cherished that moments. what i love about Now & Forever bridal shop that they don't limit your gowns choices. i meant, you can choose whatever gowns they have in the shop. no A list, no C list. u get what i mean? hehe...and most important, the staffs are peramah and tidak banyak songeh. hehe..

with my best friends. ellie (preggie girl) & julia ^__^

wah! gumbiranya sa..hehe.....

my wedding theme is pink and green. my best friend and i also found the right dress for the wedding reception. it's not that hard to find the right dress when the colors and gown details 'shine' among other gowns. i fall in love with both dresses right at the moment i tried it.

i fall in love with the 'ropol-ropol'

waiting for the prince charming? nah..... i have my prince charming right beside me!

pink dress for cake cutting ceremony 

and here goes my last wedding gown for the reception. go green!! teehee....

during 'poco-poco' time. i love my green gown!

happiest day in my life!

ok, that's about my wedding gown story.
thanks to cathj for doing this segment.
if not, i won't have a story about my wedding gown. 

to all future brides out there, good luck in finding the right dress ya ^__^
.....and also the right man.... hehehehe.......


  1. wow cantik..itu details buat sya jatuh hati..the evening dress pun lawa :)

  2. thanks moi... sa pun jatuh hati ni.. hihi

  3. kau memang peminat tingkat2 kan... but I love it tooo.... your white dress is fantastic.. vintage and beautiful.....

    Thank you for joining ya... ^_^

  4. cantik semua ni mandak..saya suka your pink dress. hehe..

  5. wahhh mesti ko sangat suka ruffles sana layered gowns ni kan? i love the shade of the green of your last gown. :)

  6. cathj : thanks to you. if not sa teda kenangan pasal baju kawin sa...hehe

    isabel : me also love all my wedding dresses :)

    chegu : iya, dramatic sikit pun sgt suka tu green gown.