Saturday, August 13, 2011

fullmoon celebration

two weeks ago (on the 30th july), baby cayden's fullmoon was celebrated at his mum's kampung. that mean di kampung sa juga la :) we arrived a bit late and missed the blessing part. but we managed to sing birthday song to him (eh, ngam ka nyanyi time fullmoon ni?). antam saja la coz ada cake kan so we just sing the birthday song. 
cayden's fullmoon cake from secret recipe
cayden's dad, mom & sister
hot mama ~ dolly & julia 
with my god daughter - hoven (in pink) & charmaine trying to main mata :)
macam-macam ragam ^__^
babysitting cayden while his mom eating
the three of us with baby cayden
looking forward to his one year old birthday. hehe...nda lama lagi tu. pejam celik pejam celik sampai suda satu tahun. kan mrs ellie? nowadays, time flies very fast...hmmmmm..... oklah.......... i need to take a nap now. i'm so tired. oh, rain i need you now.......... again.............. hehe. it's been raining in the morning & early afternoon :)



  1. ur baby's name is ethanael ? what a handsome name !!!
    i am ur follower , sasa tien !

  2. hi sasa. ethanael is my best friend son's name :) and cayden is his middle name. i follow u already sasa. thanks ^__^

  3. Hi Jj!:)

    Banyak baby comel2 dlam gmbar! Hehe..yep, cute tu nama. Cepat tu masa berlalu..sekejap ja nah, 1 y/o sudah tu nanti.

    Btw, ur new follower juga ni.:)

  4. Terus sia teringat my own kg and my cousins yg kici2 semua. Siok ba kan ramai2 :) Cute betul your god daughter :)

  5. sjb : ya, very nice name :)

    lizee : hehe..mimang siok klu suda kumpul ramai2 ^__^ she's indeed a cute little girl. chubby lagi tu..hehe